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Our services

Voiceover Recording

Our beautifully sound proofed voiceover booths with state of the art Neve and SLL hardware provide world class results.

Sound Design

Sound Design is all about the little details. Using a range of techniques we turn ideas into sound through interpretation and manipulation.


Our vast sfx library is made up of the best industry catalogues and our own field and studio recordings.


If there's any little detail that require extra attention we can capture it - from the hyper realistic to the absurdly abstract. Years of hoarding has built up an extensive supply of weird and wonderful objects to record any bespoke sound necessary.


No two platforms are the same and we make sure to be heard no matter the size of the speakers. We mix to any spec, for any device, on any platform


We love to flex our creative muscles on radio scripts and get immense satisfaction from crafting stories solely through the medium of audio.


If you want crystal clear narration for long form TV look no further. Our recording booths are built to the very highest of standards and produce an unbeatable sound.


As a flagship Nuendo facility we have Steinberg's powerful ADR functions at our fingertips. It enables a truly seamless recording experience.


We mix for cinema in our Dolby licenced studio, delivering commercials globally and in the UK via Pearl & Dean and DCM. We can also mix in surround for TV.

Music Composition

We strongly believe in the power of blurring the lines between sound design and music. Bespoke music composition can bring an idea to life like nothing else. If it's becoming a struggle to find the perfect piece of music then let us know.

Music Searches

We can conduct an extensive and expert search if you need some commercial or production library music. Our team have the experience and ears to help find the perfect bit of sync.


We have worked with the best voices over the years and have close relationships with the most highly respected agents in the industry.

Remote Recording

We can connect any way youd like. Studio to studio via Source Connect Pro would be our remote preference.


Podcasts are all the rage. Don't want it to sound like it was recorded in bed on a laptop? Give us a shout.